Kids Frames

Kids Frames

You are a parent and you probably know that walking into an optical store can be a little confusing. There are lots of children’s eyeglass frames to choose from, but that’s the problem! How do you know which ones will your child be willing to wear and will last longer than the ride home? We offer a few things to consider when making your trip to Looking Glass Optical as painless as possible, and to ensure that you get children’s glasses that will last as long as their prescription does.


The Right Frames

Just like their parents kids want their glasses to enhance their style which is why we offer some of the same styles available for mom and dad. You’ll find styles from Nike, Coach, Adidas, Izod Performance Flex, Flexon and Ray Ban in our kids section. Your kids won’t want to get anything “uncool” so keep in mind that the real object is to get them to want to wear their glasses.


The Lenses

The prescription is always the primary consideration in choosing your child’s glasses. If your child is wearing their glasses for reading, playing sports or a full time wearer we will work with you and your child to choose the right lens materials like polycarbonate and trivex to complement their style and frame choice.


The Frame Materials

When you look for frames for your child at Looking Glass Optical you’ll find that they are made from hi-tech materials like SPX or Titanium. Many manufactures like Adidas and Izod combine the two materials to make the frames even more durable. Silhouette uses SPX a flexible plastic guaranteed to last for the life of your child’s prescription.


The Fit

Each optician at Looking Glass Optical is trained to evaluate the individual fit of the frames you have chosen for your child. Today many children are wearing multifocal lenses, so the fit of the frames becomes as important as its function. An inappropriate fitting frame can result in your child not getting the correct prescription Dr. Teles prescribes.


The Coatings

You expect your child’s glasses to remain scratch free and clean throughout the day. That’s why we offer premium anti reflective and static free coatings on all Children’s eyewear. Clear Coat Lenses eliminate lens reflections so your child can see clearer and crisper than with ordinary lenses. It also delivers outstanding scratch protection. They are easier to clean and keep clean because they repel dust, water and, so dirt smudges and fingerprints wipe away effortlessly.


Sports Eyewear

Trivex and Polycarbonate are such safe lens materials that you may be tempted to let your child play sports in their regular glasses. The drawback is that regular eyeglass frames do not provide enough protection from balls and flying elbows. So if your kid is involved in sports, a proper sports goggle with safety lenses will afford the most protection against eye injury. Most sports leagues even require your kids to have them.


The Warranty

Your piece of mind after leaving the optical store with your child’s eyeglasses is the reason we at Looking Glass Optical offer a warranty plan that will replace eyewear at no charge or for a minimal fee in case of damage to the frames or lenses. Make sure you ask about the warranties for the frames and lenses you choose.


The Backup Pair

Many children have vision so poor that they have difficulty functioning without their glasses. You may want to purchase a backup pair of glasses in case something happens to the primary pair and they are out of commission while we replace or repair them. Sports goggle can double nicely as a spare pair of glasses. Prescription sunglasses also make a good backup pair. If your child wears glasses, they’ll need prescription sunglasses as well.  Many insurance companies offer special benefits for a backup pair. Ask about it and we’ll do the research for you.

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