Do I Have the Right Eyeglass Prescription?


When you pick up your new eyeglasses, there is usually a bit of an adjustment period. However, if after a few days, you feel something is not quite right and you are asking the question, “Do I have the right eyeglass prescription?” Perhaps you are experiencing tunnel vision or dizziness or your vision feels fuzzy. There is a myriad of reasons that your prescription could be off. Factors ranging from a slight examination error to a lab error, or your eye exam was late in the day, and your eyes were tired. Here are some of the warning signs that your may not have the right eye glasses prescription.

Blurry Vision

If your prescription is off by even a couple of degrees, it will cause slightly blurry vision. Certain specialty lenses, like bifocals or trifocals, require an adjustment period that may last up to two weeks. However, if your vision has not improved after 14 days, the culprit may be an incorrect prescription. Call your doctor and make an appointment to be re-examined.


If you wear the wrong eyeglass prescription for extended periods, it results in eye strain. It causes pain around and behind your eyes. You may experience a dull ache in the front of your head. Headaches and blurred vision are indicative of severe health issues, which you should never ignore. Although, if you recently got new glasses, contact your eye doctor right away. It could be that your prescription needs adjusting.


Do I Have the Right Eyeglass Prescription?Vertigo creates the sensation of feeling dizzy or off balance. It can occur while sitting or standing. If your eyeglass prescription is off it may cause issues with your depth perception, and, hence, vertigo. Looking back and forth from straight ahead to your peripheral vision may only aggravate the problem. If you are feeling a sudden onset of vertigo, your glasses could be to blame.

Incorrect Fit

When your eyeglasses are not properly fitted, they don’t sit properly on the nose, directly in front of your eyes. Therefore it causes slight dizziness or blurred vision. Once again, contact your optometrist if your glasses feel uncomfortable in any way. Adjustments are included in your service and could solve the issue in a matter of minutes.

So, if you are feeling dizzy or your vision is even slightly blurry, even after new glasses, start by asking yourself, “Do I have the right eyeglass prescription?” Contact the team at Looking Glass Optical. Our goal is to offer the very best comprehensive eye services to all of our patients.