5 Ways Autoimmune Diseases Can Affect Your Vision

Autoimmune Diseases Can Affect Your Vision

Autoimmune diseases cause the body’s cells to attack each other, impacting every aspect of your health. Few autoimmune disorders specifically target the eyes. However, an autoimmune disease can affect your vision due to its systemic nature. While autoimmune diseases have no current cure, properly managing symptoms can lessen their progression and impact your health.

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How to Avoid Bacteria Growing in Your Contact Cases

Eye Infections Bacteria from unclean Contact Lenses

Are your contacts soaking in microorganisms? Harmful bacteria can grow in your contact case when your lens routine lapses. You might not consider the bacteria growing in your contact case when you care for your lenses. Unfortunately, neglecting your lens case can lead to eye infections. You can reduce your risk of infection by caring for your case as rigorously as you care for your lenses.

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Importance of Sunglasses in Winter and the Dangers of the Winter Sun

Why Sunglasses Are Still Just as Important in Winter

Most people have heard that the sun can damage your eyes and that wearing sunglasses can help protect you from this damage. What many people don’t realize, however, is the importance of sunglasses throughout the entire year, not just in the summer. Learn more about why wearing sunglasses in winter is essential.

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Know the Truth: Debunking 5 Common Digital Eye Strain Myths

Common Digital Eye Strain Myths — Know the Truth

Whether you’re putting in hours at work or studying for school, many people spend a lot of time staring at screens. Computer screens, cell phones, and tablets have become a part of everyday life.

Many people spend hours each day with their eyes glued to a digital screen. But how can you protect your vision? With so many digital eye strain myths, it can be hard to know the truth.

The unfortunate reality is that all of this screen time can damage your eyesight and cause uncomfortable symptoms. Know the truth about digital eye strain and some common misconceptions by reading the guide below.

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Living with Diabetes – How to Take Care of Your Vision

Living with Diabetes: How to Take Care of Your Vision

Anyone who is living with diabetes knows how important it is to manage the disease. Yet many people don’t realize the far-reaching impacts that unmanaged diabetes can have on multiple biological systems. Diabetes can even affect your eye health and cause vision loss or complications. But why does this happen, and what can you do to avoid it? Learn more about the connection between diabetes and vision, and find out easy ways you can improve your eye health and care for your vision with diabetes.

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Types of Refractive Errors & What You Need to Know to Help Your Eyes

Types of Refractive Errors & What You Need to Know to Help Your Eyes

Refractive errors are vision problems that impact how well you can see. These disorders affect the way your eyes bend light. Refractive errors are problems that happen when the shape of your eyes prevents light from focusing the way it should on your retina. The most common types of vision problems are refractive errors. Read on to learn more about different types of refractive errors and how you can help your eyes.

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Why Do Women Suffer from Visual Impairments More Than Men?

Why Do Women Suffer from Visual Impairments More Than Men

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 64% of all visually impaired people worldwide are women. Visual impairments can take many forms, from mild to severe ones that can significantly impact a person’s quality of life. When it comes to women vs. men, women struggle more with visual issues, but why is that the case? Learn more about the various types of visual impairments and the reasons why women are more prone to them than men.

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10 Facts You Should Know About Children’s Vision Loss

Children’s Vision Loss

The last thing parents think of when they gaze into their child’s wonder-filled eyes is statistics about vision loss in children. However, taking care of your child’s eye health is just as important as tending to the other aspects of their well-being. Learning more about the threats to your child’s vision and how to prevent children’s vision loss will help.

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