Why is our practice so successful with contact lenses? Besides the many years of experience and the latest in special technology for professional care like none other. Dr. Teles and his staff give each patient the time before and after the fitting to help select the best disposable contacts for you.  It’s not just about having good vision. We also make sure they are comfortable.

Have you ever been told you cannot wear contact lenses? Chances are you can, even with astigmatism and dry eyes. We have also made reordering even easier. Get your disposable contacts online.

wearing contacts dailies


One-size does not fit all when it comes to contact lenses. There are so many options available today. Click below to learn more or contact us today.

What About Astigmatism? Dry Eyes?

Astigmatism is the most frequent reason patients report why they can’t wear contacts. They have either been told or heard somewhere that having astigmatism prevents them from wearing contacts. We have been fitting patients with astigmatism for over thirty years. There are so many new options available. Besides toric astigmatism soft lenses, there are the new Synergeyes silicone gas perm and hybrid soft lens with a gas perm center.

Also, dry eyes don’t mean you can’t wear disposable contacts. With new dry eye treatment combined with new high tech moisture adhering lenses, yes, it is finally possible for most dry eye patients to enjoy contacts.

Disposable Contacts Are Great at Any Age

There are bifocal contacts. Both the distance and near are over the pupil and vision is perfectly natural. They are available in soft, gas perm, and the new hybrid soft lens with a gas perm center.

Young patients can wear disposable contacts too. It is great for helping correct a lazy eye or amblyopia. Dr. Teles has been successfully fitting toddlers and children with pediatric contacts for over twenty-five years.

The other reasons for kids wearing contacts: sports, nearsightedness control, better peripheral vision, improved self-esteem.


It’s our priority to keep your eyes healthy and you safe! That is why we are now booking appointments online so we can adhere to social distancing regulations. Schedule today!