Looking Glass Optical Eyewear

Looking Glass Optical has the eyewear options for your lifestyle. We have Tom Ford, Gucci, BCBC MaxAzria and Ray-Ban for those Instagram Fashionistas. Nike, Adidas and Puma frames for the guys who want their eyewear to have the same sporty style as their kicks. We even have all the sunglasses styles from Maui Jim, Ray-Ban, Nike and Adidas to protect your eyes and look great while living an active lifestyle. Kids can even wear the same designers as Mom and Dad! Make your style shine, check out our Instagram page and then make an appointment right here on our website to come in and update your new look.

What are you looking for?

For Frames

Eyewear frames are one of the first things people see on your face! With eyewear being one of the hottest accessories right now, it has become a staple piece in wardrobes of both men and women. Check out our frames today!

For Lenses

There are different lenses that are perfect for reading, driving, working or playing. We carry a range of exceptional products that will help you see better – and help others see you better! See the difference in lenses we carry.

For Sports Protection

Looking Glass Optical is committed to communicating and educating eyewear consumers on the performance differences between fashion eyeglasses and protective sports eyewear that is designed to prevent eye injuries.

For Sunglasses

At Looking Glass Optical you can find the latest and greatest Fashion sunwear from hot designers. We also carry some of the most advanced lens and frame designs to maximize your sports abilities.

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