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Dr Teles Looking Glass Optical

Dr. Mayer J. Teles, O.D. Optometrist

Dr. Mayer Teles has over 30 years experience in primary family vision care. His interest is in quality patient care at all ages. Dr. Teles has successfully fit virtually every kind of contact lens available. Vision therapy and behavioral vision issues have guided Dr. Teles’ overall approach to solving vision problems. At present, his practice utilizes high technology equipment for assessment and treatment of both vision and eye health issues. Patient education and taking the time to communicate with patients is as important as the exam itself.

Dr. Teles is licensed with the highest level of certification in the state of Maryland.

Dr. Debra Frenkel, O.D Looking Glass Optical

Dr. Debra Frenkel, O.D. Optometrist, Vision Therapist

With over two decades of experience, developmental optometrist Dr. Debra Frenkel specializes in providing vision evaluations and individualized vision therapy programs to optimize visual function leading to increased performance in daily living, school, and work.

Dr. Frenkel started as a vision therapist while an undergraduate before beginning optometric studies. Since that time she continues to focus her practice on the importance of evaluating the extent of the individual’s vision development, providing a vision therapy program to promote optimal visual performance. Her practice includes but is not limited to children (verbal and nonverbal) with learning disabilities or special needs, infants and adults.

Dr. Frenkel’s mission is to offer a comprehensive choice in vision care which includes evaluating vision development and function and supporting and nurturing the level of visual performance.

Dr. Frenkel is a graduate of the State University of New York School of Optometry. During her residency at the Illinois College of Optometry, she concentrated on pediatrics, infants clinic, and working with adults and children with decreased visual acuities and legal blindness. Since practicing, she has taken numerous courses in continuing education in optometry and vision therapy.

Marc Teles

Marc Teles, ABO, Optician

Marc has over 20 years of experience as a dispensing and lens finishing Optician. Proper frame selection for fashion, comfort and lens type for individual needs is as important as the eyeglass prescription itself. Personalized service and follow up which adds up to patient happiness are one of the reasons Looking Glass Optical enjoys such a high rate of patient referrals. The dispensary continually is updated with the latest fashions and styles. See the section on Optical Frames for more information.

Karen H

Karen Hill, Insurance specialist

Karen has years of experience in insurance billing both for vision and eye health issues. Karen is exceptionally proficient in handling complex insurance issues such as verifying both vision and health insurance benefits. She has experience following up with your insurance company when they are less than efficient with their benefits!

Chrissy K

Chrissy Kiessling , CLS (Contact Lens Specialist) 

Chrissy is a wonderful assistant who specializes in contacts.

Ben Teles Social Media Marketing Manager

Ben Teles, Social Media Marketing Manager

Ben is an experienced Social Media Marketing Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the sports media, medical practice and retail industry. If you want to be featured on our Social Media accounts, send him an email!

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