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Dr. Mayer J. Teles, O.D. Optometrist

Dr. Mayer Teles brought his vast knowledge and years of experience in primary family vision care to Looking Glass Optical in 1995. Dr. Teles uses the latest technology and advanced techniques to give you and your family complete eye care. He has successfully fit virtually every kind of contact lens available. At present, his practice utilizes high-technology equipment for the assessment and treatment of both vision and eye health issues. Patient education and taking the time to communicate with his patients are as important to him as the exam itself. You’ll leave his exam chair with a vast knowledge of your eyes and most likely his latest tennis game and trip to a National Park. Dr. Teles is licensed with the highest level of certification in the state of Maryland.

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Marc Teles, ABO, Optician

Marc has over 20 years of experience as a dispensing optician and practice management specialist. Proper frame selection for fashion, comfort, and lens type for individual needs are as important as the eyeglass prescription itself. Personalized service and follow-up, which add up to patient happiness, are one of the reasons Looking Glass Optical enjoys such a high rate of patient referrals and 5-star reviews. If you can’t find Marc in the office, he will most likely be in the gym or a yoga class.

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Cheryl, FNAO, Optician

Cheryl has been an Optician with us since 2003. She enjoys the artistry and technology of Opticianry. So when you come into Looking Glass Optical, chances are that Cheryl made your glasses. She began her career in Opticianry in 1974 as an Ophthalmic Lab Manager and branched out as a Fellow of the National Academy of Opticianry in 1980. Cheryl holds a master’s degree in Homeland Security and Emergency Management. She is currently working on her second Degree in Social Work to freelance as a virtual counselor for families and children of middle school age. Cheryl loves Shelly, her german shepherd service dog, and enjoys kayaking and boating. She also joined the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary in 2013 to teach boating safety in her community.

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Karen, Financial Manager

Karen came to Looking Glass Optical in 2006 with years of experience in insurance billing both for vision and eye health issues. Karen is exceptionally proficient in handling complex insurance issues, such as verifying both vision and health insurance benefits. In addition, she has experience in following up with your insurance company when they are less than efficient with their benefits.

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Stephanie, Ophthalmic Technician
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Alexandra, Ophthalmic Technician

Alex joined Looking Glass Optical in 2020, bringing with her several years of experience in the medical field. Her genuine desire to take care of patients shows in everything she does. She is a retinal imaging specialist and problem solver who goes above and beyond for our patients. The only thing more important to Alex than caring for outpatients is caring for her family. She also loves her doodles and her kitties.

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Kathleen, Ophthalmic Technician

Kathleen, an ophthalmic technician at Looking Glass Optical since 2019, holds a Bachelor of Science in pre-veterinary medicine and animal biosciences from the University of Delaware. She has a diverse science background with skills in patient care, ocular imaging, electronic medical record systems, medical transcription, ICD-10 coding, and HIPAA protocols. In addition, she has certifications in CPR and Diopsys VEP/ERG. One of her favorite accomplishments is when she traveled to Cusco, Peru, to set up mobile health clinics that provided healthcare to underserved indigenous populations. When Kathleen is not getting you ready to see Dr. Teles, you can find her hiking, gardening, practicing yoga, and playing the piano.

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Isabella, Patient Care Coordinator

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