A comprehensive eye exam is necessary for the health of your eyes and eyesight. To start, we do a complete and comprehensive examination that includes an eye exam and vision analysis.

Our eye exam includes testing for cataracts, glaucoma, and other common eye disorders. Computerized photos of detected eye conditions allow Dr. Teles to share his findings with a patient in real-time. This technology provides clear explanations and better care.

In addition, we test for dynamic focusing and eye coordination skills as part of our vision analysis. For us, good vision is more than 20/20 clear distance eyesight. It is also about the evaluation of clarity and comfort in the way you see.

Testing for details of the entire visual function allows for the early detection of vision problems. This can have positive, far-reaching effects on sports, reading comprehension, and efficiency at one’s job.

Yearly Eye Exams Can Help Prevent These

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20/20 Vision isn’t Everything

Good vision is more than clear distance eyesight. Computer vision syndrome is a good example. So many computer users come into the office with 20/20 vision but complain of headaches, code or text running together, eye fatigue, general fatigue, neck ache, eyes watering, etc. You can still have 20/20 vision but experience focus fatigue and eye coordination problems as part of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

Another common example is children with dyslexia or reading problems. They also frequently present with 20/20 but have visual perception issues, eye coordination, or tracking problems. Additionally, special tests are now available that allow early detection and treatment to prevent and slow up nearsightedness in young children.

Eye Exam at Looking Glass Optical

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