Comprehensive Eye Exam

A comprehensive eye exam is necessary for the health of your eyes and eyesight. At Looking Glass Optical, our state-of-the-art equipment and techniques allow us to more thoroughly examine you and your family’s eyes. We believe this, mixed with old-fashioned personalized communication and care, is the key to long-term eye care.

Many vision and eye problems can be prevented with early detection. Dr. Teles takes the time to explain the eye health and eye care solutions available. All our patients appreciate the personalized attention they receive.

A complete and comprehensive examination is a two-part process:

Eye Exam

Assuring good eye health with periodic eye exams.

As part of each wellness eye exam, we will examine your eyes for cataracts, glaucoma, retinal diseases, dry eye syndromeallergic eye disease and other eye disorders. Computerized photos of detected eye conditions allow Dr. Teles to share his findings with a patient in real time. This technology provides clear explanations and a cutting-edge learning experience.

Vision Analysis

Evaluation of clarity and comfort in the way you see.

Good vision is more than 20/20 clear distance eyesight. At Looking Glass Optical, we test for dynamic focusing and eye coordination skills as part of our vision analysis. Testing for details of entire visual function allows for early detection of vision problems. This can have positive, far-reaching effects on sports, reading comprehension, and efficiency at one’s job.

Not just 20/20 Vision

Good vision is more than 20/20 clear distance eyesight. Computer vision syndrome is a good example. So many computer users come into the office with “perfect 20/20″ vision but complain of headaches, code or text running together, eye fatigue, general fatigue, neck ache, eyes watering, etc. One can have “perfect 20/20″ but still have focus fatigue and eye coordination problems as part of CVS, Computer Vision Syndrome.

Another common example is the child with dyslexia or reading problems. They also frequently present with 20/20 but have visual perception issues, eye coordination or tracking problems. (See the section on Vision Therapy.)

Enjoying clear comfortable near vision while reading, and computing is equally important to know that one’s eyes are free of disease. That is why tests for dynamic focusing and eye coordination skills are administered as a part of every comprehensive exam. Additionally, if parents are nearsighted, special tests are now available that allow early detection and treatment to prevent and slow up nearsightedness in young children.