Foreign Bodies

Foreign bodies irritating the eyeballUnfortunately, particles can blow or fall onto the eye causing considerable irritation. If not treated in a timely fashion these foreign bodies can cause infection and complications on the eye.

First aid, of course, is to thoroughly irrigate the eye with an irrigation solution. If the irritation persists one should immediately seek professional help.

Depending on the kind of foreign body material serious infection can set in. Metallic foreign bodies can not only cause infections but can produce rust rings in the cornea. Vegetation matter like leaf particles or scraping an eye with a branch or twig can cause fungal infections.

Luckily, most foreign bodies are easily and painlessly removed.

Dr. Teles has many years of experience in treatment of foreign bodies. If you feel pressure, discomfort, a strange sensation or eye pain, please contact us today. If you are in extreme pain or in case of an emergency, please call 911.

Call 410-768-0202 for an immediate appointment if you or someone you know has a foreign body in their eye.