Famous Eyeglass Styles Throughout the Years

In past decades, did you know that many people used to dread wearing prescription eyeglasses? It’s hard to believe as nearly a century later eyeglasses are now considered a fashion accessory. Even people who don’t need eyeglasses are wearing them to complete their outfits for the day. Thankfully, the 21st century presents various eyeglass styles, but still, it pays to look back on the frames that paved the way for modern designs. So, let’s take a journey together throughout 100 years of eyeglass frames fashion.

1900: The Rimless

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Back in the 1900s, the Pince-Nez was a popular style. This is a rimless frame that sits on the nose bridge. Meanwhile, the upper crust gentlemen often used the single-lens known as a monocle, which may or may not come with a wireframe.

1920 and 1930: The Rounds

In the 1920s, round frames were all the rage, thanks to the celebrities wearing them. These frames were on the small side and worn close to the face. Interestingly, they were first made famous in Hollywood silent movies and were also closely associated with Indiana Jones.

1940 and 1950: The Bold Plastics

This era was the turning point of eyeglass fashion. People were quick to cast aside the impractical and uncomfortable eyeglass frames for more playful colors and shapes. Hence, the brow line glasses were born and people adored its bold and plastic top design that mimics the eyebrows.

Moreover, it wasn’t long until a more stylized version of the brow line was created—the Cat Eye. Celebrities like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe catapulted the rise of cat-eye frames into pop culture. Of course, it’s still one of the most iconic frames to date as the frame flatters numerous face shapes.

For the men, the Wayfarer was the go-to eyeglass fashion. Ray-Ban released the first Wayfarer at the beginning of 1950, and James Dean helped cement its legendary status. In addition, the Clubmaster frame was also a huge favorite and still is today.

1960 and 1970: The Flamboyant

In the 1960s and 1970s, eyeglass fashion took a slight turn to oversized frames. Theater art was incredibly popular during this time, and people gravitated towards over-the-top, flashy designs. There’s simply no denying that big and bright colors were beloved during these decades.

1980 and 1990: The Retros

In the 1980s, people still wore oversized frames, but when the 1990s came along, there was a shift toward simpler styles. This was also the decade in which retro fashion became mainstream, so the return of the round and browline frames was pleasantly welcomed. Of course, the cat-eye frame remained popular as it also complimented the retro vibe.

The Early 2000s- Today: Free for All

The 2000s is the explosion of individual style and self-expression. In this century, you will notice a wide array of eyeglass styles. In fact, there’s no single trend.

Furthermore, eyeglass frames nowadays are more gender-neutral. Men and women wear round/square plastic or metal frames because they’re versatile, durable, and fashion-forward.

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Whether you want to go for an old school look or a sleek and modern design, what matters most is how you feel. Luckily, eyeglass fashion history has made it possible for everyone to look and feel their best.

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