Therapeutic dosing of TheraTears is prescribed for mucous deficiencies associated with dry eye. The dosing is generally for 1-2 weeks followed by maintenance dosing of only a few drops daily if necessary. The conjunctiva, the clear membrane that lines the white of the eye (sclera) and the inner lining of the eyelids, contains cells that produce mucin. Mucin is a glycoprotein that is found in tears. It forms a viscous solution and will act as lubricants or protectants for the eyes.

These “goblet cells” increase in the presence of bicarbonate, one of the ingredients of TheraTears. Frequent application of 1-2 weeks is usually sufficient to increase the populations of these cells.

Mucin has at least two important functions. It gives the watery tears more body and helps prevent evaporation. Secondly the mucin helps maintain proper pH or acidity of the watery tear.


The TheraTears box has eight packets, one packet for each of the eight days of therapy. Each packet has four tubes, each containing twenty drops.

Treatment is four times per day. Use the contents of each tube four times a day.

Place two drops in each eye, waiting a minimum of 1-2 minutes before adding another two drops. Continue in this manner three more times, for a total of five times.

Apply before sleep, upon waking, lunch time, and after dinner.

Note: The minimum 1-2 minute interval between drops may be extended to as much as 10-15 minutes.