Pregnancy Can Affect Your Vision?

Are you experiencing blurry or splotchy vision? Are there times where you see double? No matter what stage of pregnancy you’re in, these symptoms may sound familiar to you. Changes in eyesight are a typical side-effect for many women during pregnancy. As one of the leading eye experts in Maryland, Looking Glass Optical is committed to your eye care and comfort. If you are experiencing changes in your eyesight, learn more about how pregnancy can affect your vision.

Eye Strain

Pregnancy can affect your vision feature

Whether you are pregnant or not, eye strain is a  rather common occurrence. After focusing on one object for too long, your eyes may start to feel tired or sore. General physical fatigue can lead to strain on the eyes, so it’s not uncommon for pregnant women to experience it. There are several solutions to eliminating eye strain. For instance, lowering the brightness on computer screens, avoiding intense lighting and getting enough rest may decrease strain. 

Refractive Changes

With the development of your child comes a boost in hormones. This can lead to all sorts of changes within your body. Increased hormonal levels have been known to adjust the strength of your vision. Therefore, your normal glasses or contact lenses may not work as well as they used to. If your eyewear or contacts are causing discomfort, it may be time to look into modifying your prescription. However, if the changes in your vision aren’t severe, your eye doctor may recommend waiting until after your pregnancy. This may be the case as your hormone levels will continue to drop once you’ve given birth.

Dry or Puffy Eyes

Another way that pregnancy can affect your vision is dry eyes. For most women, the dryness will subside after your delivery. But, if your dry eyes are causing lasting irritation, most moisturizing eye drops are a safe option during pregnancy.

Additionally, shifting hormone levels may lead to puffiness around the eyelids and eye areas. Be aware that this type of inflammation can reduce your peripheral vision. And, this can make daily tasks, like driving, more challenging.

What Conditions Affect Vision?

Preexisting conditions, as well as conditions that occur during pregnancy, can affect eyesight. For example, some pregnant women may experience high blood pressure during their pregnancies. This can cause blurry vision or spots in front of the eyes. Additionally, women with diabetes or glaucoma should be especially wary of changes in vision during their pregnancy. 

Seeking Further Assistance

Remember: you know your body best. Throughout your pregnancy, it’s important to listen to the signs your body is telling you. If you experience one or more of the following vision-related symptoms, please seek medical attention.

  • Extreme puffiness around the eyes
  • Swelling of the face accompanied by vision impairments
  • Blurry vision, dimming or double vision lasting two or more hours
  • Vision impairment that lingers after your pregnancy

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