Promise in Sight: What You Need to Know

Promise in Sight Guatemala

Pictured: Promise in Sight’s mission trip in Villa Nueva, Guatemala in August 2019. Image Source: Facebook

Promise in Sight is a public charity and a non-profit organization. They are based in Wilmington, Delaware, and founded by Vivian Fasula, Lisa Stottlemyer, Alex Fasula Lambert, and Marsha Edelman. Promise in Sight has one goal in mind: to reduce preventable blindness and help preserve vision. The group travels annually to provide refractive, medical, and surgical eye care to the medically underserved population of Nicaragua.

The Mission

Since its inception, Promise in Sight has provided eye care services to several underserved communities with the following mission statement:

“We proudly provide coordinated eye care to the medically underserved population of Nicaragua. Our goal is to reduce preventable blindness and help preserve vision and visual function through refractive, medical, and surgical efforts. We do this with great love, as an expression of gratitude for the gifts that we have been given and a sincere desire to improve the life circumstances of the impoverished.”

Eye Care for All

Thanks in part to its dedicated sponsorships from Alcon, Amazon Smile, O’Leigh Cosmetic Center & MedSpa, Rogers Customers Collisions Center and Buffalo Rotary Foundation, Inc., Promise in Sight has fulfilled its 2019 goals. Learn more about their accomplishments below:

  • August 2019 – Villa Nueva, Guatemala

With a team of 16, the team saw 450 patients, completed 55 surgeries, and filled 325 custom eyeglass orders. In addition, the team dispensed 400 readers and 600+ sunglasses on their week-long trip.

  • February 2019 – San Pedro de Macorís, Dominican Republic

With a team of 4, the team was able to see 910 patients and complete 109 procedures/referrals. This includes:

  • 70 cataract procedures,
  • 14 diabetic and retina
  • 8 glaucoma
  • 11 pterygium
  • 1 suspected cancer
  • 4 pediatric cases
  • 1 general medical referral

Finally, the team was responsible for dispensing 1,509 eyeglasses on their week-long trip.

We Support Promise in Sight

Looking Glass Optical has and will continue to support Promise in Sight’s mission for many years to come. In February, Promise in Sight completed their first pair of glasses at Looking Glass Optical following their mission to Guastatoya, Guatemala. Not to mention, we are dedicated to providing donations of eyeglasses, polarized sunglasses, and more for local fundraisers. So, check them out on Facebook, and stay in the know regarding their upcoming mission trips, local fundraisers, and raffles!