The Best Ways to Manage Dry Eyes in Winter

Manage Dry Eyes Looking Glass Optical

If you find yourself rubbing your eyes, you might have dry eyes. Also, don’t rub your eyes! It can cause more harm than good. A great way to manage dry eyes is through moisturizing eye drops. Talk to your doctor about the right ones for you.

Your eyes are your literal windows to the world – so it’s crucial to take proper care of them. However, many people suffer from various eye conditions, such as dry eyes. This can cause discomfort, stinging, and burning, leading to more serious issues down the line when left untreated. It also can be chronic. To manage dry eyes, you need to familiarize yourself with the condition and its symptoms.

What Causes Dry Eyes?

Before you can manage your dry eyes, you need to pinpoint the cause. In most cases, dry eyes are caused by an outside source drying out the surface of your eye, such as a blowing fan or your a/c or heating unit running too high. It could also be a side effect of medications like antidepressants, antihistamines, and nasal decongestants. If these are not the cause of your dry eyes, then it could mean there is a medical reason behind your condition. This could include allergies, vitamin deficiency, thyroid issues, or other issues.

If you experience frequent dry, irritated eyes, it’s important to schedule an appointment with your eye doctor. A trained medical professional will help you pinpoint the cause so you can manage your dry eyes adequately.

Managing Dry Eyes in the Winter

If there aren’t any medical reasons behind your dry eyes, then it could very well be an environmental issue, especially during the winter months. Many people find that their dry eye symptoms worsen during the winter thanks to the colder, drier air. Not only is the outside air drier, but the air inside is, too. This can be due to the use of furnaces and other indoor heating units. Need help managing your dry eyes in the winter? Here are a few tips to help you find relief, fast.

Use a Humidifier While at Home

If a dry environment causes your dry eyes, consider adding more moisture into the air. You can do this with the help of a humidifier. Small units can be used in bedrooms or home offices, while a larger unit should be used in common areas, such as the living room or rec room.

Wear Eye Protection While Outside

If your dry eye symptoms worsen when out and about, make sure you are protecting your eyes by wearing sunglasses or goggles. You can even use a visor or a wide-brimmed hat to shield your eyes from outdoor elements that could cause irritation.

Consider Using a Warm Compress

Should your symptoms appear more randomly or during the evening or first thing in the morning, try using a warm, moist compress, such as a rag, to gently steam your eyes. This helps to lubricate the surface of your eyes, giving you relief.

Avoid Sitting Near a Vent or Fan

When you are at home or work, protect your eyes by avoiding sitting near heating vents or fans. This air movement can cause the surface of your eyes to dry out. If you can’t escape areas with significant airflow, consider using eye protection, such as non-prescription glasses (if you don’t wear glasses) to help block some of the air movement.

Make Sure Your Eyes Stay Healthy At Looking Glass Optical

When in doubt, talk to your eye doctor. Sometimes just having some eye drops will help. As we moisturize our skin, we can do the same for our eyes. If you’re dealing with dry, red, or itchy eyes, the team at Looking Glass Optical can help. Our team uses the latest technology to help you achieve optimal eye health. Schedule your appointment online today or call our office at (410) 768-0202.