‘I do’ to Wedding Glasses – How to Make it Fashionable

Wedding glasses – are they really necessary? It all depends on the bride! If you’re someone who isn’t attached to their glasses, and would rather don contacts on your special day, then wedding glasses might not be for you.

But, what if you dislike contacts? Or, you view stylish eyeglasses as an integral part of your signature look? Then, you may very well be a bride who should invest in a snazzy pair of glasses for your wedding. Needless to say, your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You want it to be exceptional. So, how can you make sure your glasses play their part? Read on to find out more.

Tips for Wearing Eyeglasses on Your Wedding Day

For some brides, their signature look may involve big, bold and funky eyeglasses taking the center stage. On the other hand, some may prefer a more delicate set of glasses instead. If you’re in the latter category, here are some tips that will help ensure that your glasses enhance your look instead of detracting from it.

1. Take Your Glasses with You Everywhere

wedding eyeglasses bride

Your glasses should fit in with your wedding attire. So, take them along with you throughout the planning process, including:

  • When buying a wedding dress (if you’ve already purchased your glasses)
  • To your dress fitting (if you’ve chosen a dress but the jury’s still out on your glasses)
  • To your hair and make-up trial run appointments.

2. Consider Low-Reflection Glasses

There’s nothing worse than thinking you’ve taken the perfect snapshot only to find out there’s a reflection on your glasses. You don’t want any glare or reflections to detract from what would’ve been a gorgeous picture. Talk to your optometrist about getting lenses that have an anti-reflective coating.

3. Don’t Neglect Your Eyebrows

Like your glasses, your eyebrows frame your eyes. And, just because you’re wearing glasses doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think about your brows. Get them shaped and add some color to sparse areas if necessary. At some point, you might need to take off your glasses. Overall, taking care of your eyebrows will ensure the perfect wedding look, with or without your glasses.

Fun Eyeglasses for the Wedding Party

Did you know that 75% of the world’s population wears some form of eyewear? That means that you very likely have at least one other person in your wedding party who wears glasses. Talk to them about whether they’d be interested in switching things up for the wedding. Obviously, this isn’t going to be a requirement, but it’s fun to experiment. They might like the idea of wearing something new and special.

Another thing to keep in mind: the photographer. Ask them for tips on how to position eyeglass-wearers to avoid glare.

Look Stylish On Your Big Day

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