Fun Books About Glasses That Make Them Cool for Kids

Since when is there a stigma around astigmatism? Well, it’s always been tricky to make glasses cool for kids. It’s not about the glasses themselves; it’s about sticking out and looking different. Kids aren’t always tactful about those things, so don’t panic if your little one feels funny about their glasses. Just know that there are some books about glasses out there to help you change the narrative on glasses for kids.

That’s right; plenty of parents have tackled this issue. It’s so common, in fact, that there’s a whole host of children’s books about it. And now that your little one’s got the proper eyewear for the job, it’s time to introduce them to some. To help you do that, we’ve created this list of some of our favorite books that make glasses cool for kids.

4 Kids Books About Glasses We Recommend

Douglas, You Need Glasses! by Ged Adamson

This 40-page picture book offers a humorous take on why your child needs glasses. Douglas is a dog who’s having trouble seeing, which is causing trouble of its own. He makes a mess on construction sites, mistakes some leaves for squirrels, and bugs the dog next door. Once he acknowledges his poor vision, though, things begin to turn around.

Douglas, You Need Glasses! is silly and sweet, and it shows all of the upsides of glasses for kids. It was born of genuine experience, too. Author Ged Adamson was once a little boy who didn’t know he needed glasses. His journey to getting them was what inspired this adorable story.

Arthur’s Eyes by Marc Brown

You may have grown up with this classic, or at least another Arthur book. The lovable aardvark has been a childhood staple for nearly 50 years. This 32-page book tackles some of the more challenging parts of glasses for kids. Arthur is being bullied at school for his new eyewear, and he’s having a tough time handling it. But once he sheds his specs to avoid the teasing, he learns just how important they are.

Arthur’s Eyes is an excellent way for you to address how other kids might react to your child’s new glasses. If you’re not trying to keep them away from screens, you can show them the episode of the same name from the long-running Arthur cartoon. Then, let your little one tune in for some extra reinforcement.

Princess Peepers by Pam Calvert

The story in this 40-page book is similar to that of Arthur’s Eyes — only the protagonist is a princess. So if you’ve got a little princess of your own, this book may prove even more resonant.

It follows Princess Peepers, who needs to wear glasses, but the other princesses tease her for it. It’s only after she attempts to take them off for good that she realizes just how useful they are. Hopefully, your little one can learn the same lesson from Princess Peepers without having to try it out in real life.

Specs for Rex by Yasmeen Ismail

This adorably illustrated book follows a young lion named Rex, whose need for glasses is a source of embarrassment. He tries a number of different methods to hide the fact that he’s bespectacled, but nothing seems to work. Then, Rex’s glasses help him spot something that none of his classmates could, and he’s awarded a gold star. Suddenly, his glasses seem a whole lot cooler.

Of all of the books that make glasses cool for kids, Specs for Rex may be the most effective. While other stories teach glasses acceptance, this one teaches glasses confidence. It’s a sweet story that looks beautiful and contains the perfect message for your little one.

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