Glasses for Kids – How to Help Your Child Adjust to New Glasses

While getting glasses can be a life-changing moment for a child, it can also cause plenty of stress for a parent. After all, children aren’t exactly known for staying still or keeping things on their faces! So how can you help your child adjust to new glasses? Here are some of our top tips to help parents deal with the challenges of new glasses for kids.

Find the Right Fit

First things first:  Make sure the glasses have the right fit! Getting glasses for the first time can take a little bit of trial and error. If you know that your child struggles to keep on sunglasses or hats, it might be a clue that they’ll need a little more support to keep their glasses on.

Fortunately, there are plenty of accessories that can make it easier! Talk to your optometrist about special straps and bands that can keep glasses in place. With a comfortable, but firm fit, it helps kids keep their glasses in place. Especially if they’re prone to being a little more wiggly!

Have an older child that’s active in sports? Let your optometrist know! With special protective sports eyewear, kids can participate in their favorite activities while enjoying perfect vision, which can motivate them to keep their eyewear on. At an age where hand-eye coordination is changing, this can make the difference between fumbling the ball and feeling confident on the field!

Engage Your Kids With the Process

Start by letting your child pick their favorite frames. You are likely to have more success in getting your child to wear glasses if they’ve had a say in the style! Try not to sweat the small stuff. Your child may choose a crazy color, but if it helps them feel great in the glasses, it’s worth it. The most important thing is they wear their glasses.

Also, many children may be worried about feeling “different” from their peers. To help with this, introduce your child to television characters, musicians, figures in storybooks, or other role models that wear glasses. The more your child sees they are not alone in their experience, the more they are likely to feel secure wearing them!

Set Realistic Expectations with Your Child

It’s important to have realistic expectations with your child. When a child first gets prescribed eyeglasses, chances are they will not begin wearing them all day every day. You can help them set manageable, small goals until they are comfortable with all-day wear.

Progress is more important than perfection when it comes to helping your kid adjust to new glasses. It may also help to involve your child in the goal-setting process. Ask for their ideas on how often they should wear the glasses at the start of their journey. They might surprise you with their insight.

Help Your Child Understand

It can be confusing to children when they are forced to wear glasses, especially if they’re very young. They will likely feel better about the transition if you explain to them why they need to wear the glasses. You can use phrasing that is age-appropriate to explain that their eyesight needs correction.

Children are resilient and understand a lot more than we sometimes give them credit for. Helping them adjust to new glasses might feel impossible, but taking these steps will help both of you in the long run. Small steps towards the goal of all-day wear are much more effective than jumping in straight away. But sometimes, children need extra support.

At Looking Glass Optical, we know what it takes to help kids feel their best. Whether you think that your child may need glasses or you simply need some tips on helping them adjust to their new eyewear routine, give us a call or book an appointment today.