“Don’t Cross Your Eyes” and Other Common Eye Myths

Surely we have all been warned by our moms or grandmas, “Don’t cross your eyes! They’ll stay that way!” This is just one of many vision myths that most of us have grown up with. What about the others? Like sitting too close to the TV or eating carrots? We are here to debunk or prove these and many other common eye myths you have heard your whole life.

Don’t’ Cross Your Eyes! They’ll Stay That Way!

common eye mythsIt might seem super funny to cross your eyes to get a few laughs, however, there is no worry about it causing permanent damage. Further, once you are done, your eyes will return to their normal placement. The eyes will naturally come together when looking at something close. So, when you purposely cross your eyes, you are merely exaggerating a natural response.

Don’t Read in the Dark! It Will Damage Your Eyes!

There is no real truth in this one. Reading in the dark does not damage your eyes. However, it can cause eye fatigue. You could experience a headache, or your eyes may feel tired. While this may cause your vision to seem blurry, it is only temporary.

Never Wear Someone Else’s Glasses! Then You’ll Need Glasses, Too!

Your eyes will not work as they normally would while wearing someone else’s glasses. This is yet another of the common eye myths. But, the effect is only temporary, and your eyes will automatically adjust back to normal. Therefore, wearing someone else’s glasses will not affect your eyes permanently.

Eat More Carrots! It Improves Your Vision!

Okay, this one may have a bit of truth in it. And, here’s why. Carrots are a source of Vitamin A and Beta-Carotene, both of which are essential nutrients. Eating a diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and vital nutrients contributes to overall health. And while carrots alone may not make your vision better, staying healthy may prevent your vision from getting worse.

Don’t Sit So Close to the TV! That Will Ruin Your Eyes!

There is no scientific proof that sitting too close to the television will affect your eyesight. However, if you need to sit close to the TV to see what’s going on, it could be indicative of an existing vision problem. This could be a symptom of nearsightedness, and a worthy concern to schedule an eye exam.

Stop Staring at the Sun! You’ll Go Blind!

Okay, you may not go blind, exactly, but staring directly into the sun is definitely not a good idea. Even if you are wearing sunglasses, it is never recommended to stare at the sun. The sun’s ultra-violet rays can cause damage to your cornea, lens, and retina. We would also like to note that you should never stare directly at a solar eclipse, as this CAN cause blindness.

You Don’t Need an Eye Exam! You See Perfectly!

It is a myth to believe that you only need to have your eyes checked when you are having problems. Regular comprehensive eye exams do more than determining whether you may need vision correction. Tests help prevent eye disease or discover health problems.

Hopefully, this has helped to clarify the truth behind some common eye myths. Contact Looking Glass Optical with any questions regarding these, or any other concerns you have about you or your family’s vision.