The Do’s and Don’ts of Eyewear Care

You’ve found the perfect pair of glasses. Not only are they on trend, but they highlight your best features. After spending the time and money to pick out eyewear, it’s important that you protect your investment. Consult these eyewear care do’s and don’ts to ensure your glasses look and work their best. 

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Do: Regularly Clean Your Glasses

Between dust and debris, your glasses come into contact with a lot of foreign particles during the day. To help keep them from getting scratched, it’s important that you clean them daily. Plus, keeping your glasses free from smudges and streaks helps minimize eye strain. It’s a win-win.

Don’t: Wipe Your Glasses on Clothing

When smudges appear, many people resort to rubbing their glasses on their clothes. This is a big no-no since most materials can actually scratch the lenses. And, even if you think you’re safe because you’re wearing 100% cotton, think again. Clothing carries dirt, which can transmit to your lenses. Instead, always use a microfiber cloth made specifically for eyewear cleaning.

Do: Clean Your Glasses with Eyeglass Cleaner

Before cleaning your eyeglasses with cleaner, give them a good rinse. You want to remove any tiny particles from the lenses before you apply the cleaner. Once they’re rinsed off, use a spray or cleanser that’s made specifically for eyeglass lenses. In the end, your glasses should be clear of debris and flaunt a streak-free finish.

Don’t: Clean Your Glasses With Everyday Cleaners

Never use household cleaners, like Windex, to clean your glasses. While they may work great on your windows and mirrors, they’re not formulated for delicate eyewear. In fact, most household cleaners contain ammonia. This chemical can actually tear off the coatings on your lenses. Plus, the residue left on your glasses can damage your eyes.

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Do: Store Glasses in a Hard-Shell Case

Whether you’re traveling or at home, it’s vital that you keep your eyeglasses protected in a hard-shell case. Not only can this type of case protect your glasses from accidental drops, but it also keeps dust and debris at bay.

Don’t: Set Your Frames Down Unprotected

You might have good intentions when setting your glasses down on your nightstand. But, one wrong move and you could send your pricey frames plummeting to the floor. Whenever you’re not wearing your glasses, it’s best to store them in a protective case. This especially rings true when you’re out and about. Stuffing eyewear into your purse or dangling them from your shirt collar is a recipe for disaster. Still, if you’re without a case and absolutely must take your eyeglasses off, never lay them lens-side down. Doing so may cause scratches.

If your current eyeglasses are scratched or you need a new prescription, start fresh at Looking Glass Optical. To begin, schedule a comprehensive eye exam with one of our optometrists. Then, we’ll help you pick out frames from our extensive selection and teach you about proper eyewear care techniques. Once the eyeglasses are in your possession, follow these eyewear care guidelines. You’ll have no trouble keeping your eyeglasses out of harm’s way.