Eye Care is Self-Care in the New Year

If you haven’t already been practicing self-care, make 2019 the year that’s all about you. Sometimes we focus a little too much on caring for others, causing our own needs to get pushed to the backburner. But, it’s always important to take time to focus on our personal health and wellness, especially when it comes to our eyes. With that said, there’s never been a more perfect time to form healthy habits of self-care in the New Year.

What is Self-Care?

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Self-care refers to the time and effort one takes to improve their physical or mental well-being. This includes exercising, journaling, stretching, meditating or even just working on a hobby. Others make diet changes, get massages or give themselves time to relax in a hot bath. So, as you start to think about your New Year’s resolutions, consider adding a few for self-care. Think about aspects of yourself that you can work on and improve, or that you want to preserve. For instance, taking care of your eyesight is a great form of self-care that can benefit more than just your vision.

Self-Care Tips for Your Eyes

Here are some eye health tips to help improve your self-care in the New Year.

  1. Don’t read in the dark. It’s easy to get lost in a book and not realize the sun has gone down. When we read in low-light settings, our eyes have to strain more to see. Even more, this extra strain can potentially lead to vision problems.
  2. Look away from screens. Constantly looking at our cell phone, television or computer screen also causes eye strain. To care for your eyes, make an effort to spend less time on your devices. If you have to use a computer for work, sit an arm’s length away from the monitor. Additionally, take frequent breaks, even if it just means looking away every 20 minutes. Doing this can reduce dryness, soreness and even headaches.
  3. Get a good night’s sleep. After straining to see all day, your eyes need time to rest. Have you ever noticed your eyes look red and puffy after a poor night’s sleep? It’s because your eyes need more time behind closed lids.
  4. Exercise regularly. Commit to going for more walks or working out at the gym in the New Year. Exercise is great for your overall health, including your eyes.
  5. Schedule an eye exam. When was the last time you had an eye exam? If it’s been more than a year or two, be sure to schedule one in the coming months. A big part of practicing self-care is taking action to prevent and protect our health.

Everyone Deserves Healthy Eyes

Through the busy hustle and bustle of life, don’t forget to prioritize your health. The habits you form now can affect your health and your vision in the future. So, make sure your habits are good ones. Take the first step toward self-care in the New Year by scheduling an eye appointment at Looking Glass Optical. We can give you a check-up, update your prescription, and offer more self-care tips. Schedule online or call (410) 768-0202 today.