How Does Corneal Reshaping Therapy Work?

For some patients, coming to terms with changes in their vision can be difficult. Not being able to see without the assistance of glasses or contact lenses can feel frustrating, particularly for younger children. If you have myopia or astigmatism, you’ve probably dreamed of waking up and being able to see like everyone else. Here at Looking Glass Optical, we want to make that dream a reality. If you’re interested in a lens-free lifestyle, we recommend considering corneal reshaping therapy.

Corneal Reshaping Therapy

Corneal reshaping therapy (CRT) is a non-surgical alternative for vision correction. Unlike glasses or contact lenses you have to wear throughout the day, CRT improves your vision while you sleep. As the lens sits overnight, it gently flattens the cornea and reshapes the outer layer of your eye. Changing the curvature of your cornea helps minimize any nearsightedness and improves your vision.

These specially designed lenses are gas permeable. They create a hydration chamber between the lens and the surface of your eye without ever touching it. This hydrating effect keeps your eyes moist and comfortable throughout the night. Then, when you remove the lenses in the morning, you’ll be able to see without the need for glasses or regular contacts.

What Are the Effects of Corneal Reshaping Therapy?

Many patients can achieve 20/20 vision with corneal reshaping therapy. Like any eye treatment, the results vary for each individual based on their particular vision issue, prescription level, and eye shape. Many CRT studies show a majority of patients achieved at least 20/40 vision. That means they met the minimum driving requirement and could drive without corrective lenses. For most patients, the effects of CRT last all day. Some even enjoy the benefits for two days after a single wear.

Although most patients can enjoy the effects of CRT all day, CRT does not offer permanent vision correction. Instead, the results are temporary, meaning your eyes will eventually revert to their natural shapes. CRT lenses are similar to an overnight retainer you wear to maintain tooth alignment. You need to wear the lenses continually for a period of time (overnight) to maintain their effect.

Who Can Benefit from Corneal Reshaping Therapy?

Patients with common vision problems, such as nearsightedness and astigmatism, can benefit from CRT. Corneal reshaping therapy is particularly beneficial for those who want to remove their dependence on glasses and contact lenses. If you have a child with myopia, CRT can be especially helpful in slowing the progression of their nearsightedness. Because CRT lenses only need to be worn at night, they can also help simplify your child’s daily routines.

If you suffer from dry eyes that make contact lenses irritating, CRT lenses can offer a hydrating solution. They may also remove the need for daily lens wear. Additionally, CRT provides a non-surgical alternative for patients who aren’t interested in or cannot invest in LASIK. Of course, not everyone meets the criteria for CRT. But, the sooner you schedule a consultation, the sooner we can determine if you’re a good candidate.

Is Corneal Reshaping Therapy Safe?

Many people find CRT lenses to be comfortable and experience no associated adverse effects to their eyes or vision. We use the latest eye mapping technology over the course of several visits to customize your lenses and ensure a perfect fit. As with any contact lens, proper care and usage will help maximize your benefits while maintaining your eye health.

Find Out Whether CRT Is Right for You

If a life without glasses and contacts is something you’ve always dreamed of, come in and talk to us about CRT. At Looking Glass Optical, we offer the most advanced technology to give you the proper eye care to see life clearly. Call or visit us online to schedule your appointment today.