How to Properly Care for Your Lenses

Over 60% of the population wears eyeglasses or contact lenses.  Lenses are essential because they help you see better, and for those with extremely low vision, they can be a lifesaver. However, it’s no secret that eyeglasses are often expensive. Even though newer and nearly scratch-resistant lenses are being manufactured, no lens is invincible, and it will face damage over time. You can avoid the extra expense and enjoy better vision by taking proper care and preventing them from getting damaged. Here are some tips on how to properly care for your lenses.

What Can Damage My Glasses?

You may not realize it, but your daily habits may be causing your glasses more harm than good. If you want your eyeglasses to last a long time should avoid the following:

  • Using harsh chemicals such as vinegar or ammonia to clean your glasses. This can damage the coating on the lenses.
  • Wiping your glasses when they are completely dry. The dust on the cloth can create scratches.
  • Wiping your lenses with napkins or tissues that have a rough surface.
  • Keeping your glasses on your head. This can cause the frames to misalign and reduce the effectiveness of your lenses.
  • Removing your glasses with only one hand. This causes only one arm to stretch, resulting in misalignment of the frame.
  • Exposing your glasses to heat. The heat can damage the protective coating on your glasses.

What is the Right Way to Take Care of My Glasses?

Cleaning Glasses - How to Properly Care for Your Lenses

Microfiber cleaners that come with many cases these days are great to have around for cleaning your glasses.

You can preserve the strength and effectiveness of your lenses by keeping the following tips in mind:

  • Clean your lenses often using a bottle of lens cleaner or a mixture of warm water and a drop of dish detergent.
  • Use a clean, soft cotton cloth to wipe your glasses.
  • When you’re not wearing them, keep your glasses in a hard case.
  • Make sure the lenses are facing up when you put your glasses down.

Taking care of your glasses doesn’t have to be complicated. When you follow the right steps, you can enjoy their benefits for a long time without having to worry about investing in another pair.

How Can I Take Better Care of My Contact Lenses?

When it comes to contact lens care, you must be even more vigilant. Contacts go directly into your eye, so they should be properly disinfected every time you intend to use them. You should always follow the schedule your eye doctor gives you regarding wearing and replacing your contacts. It would help if you also avoided sleeping or getting water into your eyes while your contacts are on.

Even after taking all the necessary precautions, accidents do happen, and your lenses may give out on you. If you have very poor eyesight and heavily rely on your glasses to carry out your daily activities, it’s in your best interest to have one or two extra pairs handy, so you don’t have to wait for your new pair to be prepared. Contact us at Looking Glass Optical to order your new pair of eyeglasses today.