How Undiagnosed Vision Problems on Kids Have a Negative Impact

Vision problems like nearsightedness, lazy eye, or blurred vision are all common issues in children. When these go untreated, they can impact numerous aspects of your child’s life. For example, your kid’s undiagnosed vision problems can lead to poor performance in school, difficulty socializing, and more. Read on to find out five ways that vision problems can have a negative impact on your child’s life when left untreated.

5 Negative Impacts of Your Kid’s Undiagnosed Vision Problems

Is your child struggling with blurry vision, crossed eyes, or another visual issue? Luckily, with quick and proper optometric care, these symptoms are treatable. However, when left unaddressed, they can negatively impact your child, including those below.

1. Poor Performance in School

A significant indicator that your child’s vision problems are impacting their life is a decline in academic performance. If your child is performing poorly at school and struggling to complete assignments, it could be that their visual issues are getting in the way of their education.

It is hard for children to learn when they cannot see the information they are being given. Children with vision problems may have difficulty seeing what is written on the whiteboard or being shown on a projector at the front of the room. Children seated farther away from the front of the room will have increased difficulty.

2. Headaches

Does your child complain of frequent headaches? If a doctor has cleared your child of any neurological issues or other conditions that could cause headaches, they may be struggling with poor vision.

Your kid’s undiagnosed vision problems can cause them to strain their eyes in order to see. When they do this frequently, it can lead to chronic headaches.

3. Difficulty Socializing

Making friends can be tricky for young children who are still developing their social skills. This is even harder for kids who have some visual impairment.

The inability to see correctly can negatively impact how your child interacts with other children. For example, having a hard time seeing on the playground can lead your child not to want to play with other kids. This leads to isolation and may alienate your child from their schoolmates, family members, or other kids in their neighborhood.

4. Frequent Falls or Injuries

Does your child sustain frequent injuries like sprains, breaks, cuts, and bruises? Injuries are not uncommon in children, but when they keep happening, they may be due to poor vision. For example, children with issues like crossed eyes or nearsightedness may have an altered depth perception. This can lead to frequent falls and tripping.

5. Progressively Poor Vision

A major negative impact of vision problems in children is the tendency for progression. If left untreated, your kid’s undiagnosed vision problems can lead to more significant issues down the line.

Minor blurry vision or nearsightedness may be due to underlying visual issues or other medical conditions, like diabetes. If these underlying problems go undetected and do not receive proper treatment, your child may develop more pronounced vision issues as they age.

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