Patented GUNNAR Technology

Are you experiencing Digital Eye Strain?

Digitial Eye Strain - Patented GUNNAR Technology

Are your eyes straining from working on a computer all day? Join the club. There is new technology that allows you to help against this.

The world is interconnected through a digital network in which the majority of humans are now spending most of their day in front of a monitor or gazing at the screens on their hand-held device. Peering into this artificial blue light for hours has begun to affect the body. Not only are we experiencing neck and eye strain, but a disruption in natural circadian rhythms and serotonin levels. The combination of these factors is hurting our overall health. Studies are showing that excessive exposure to the artificial light can contribute to vision problems such as cataracts and age-related macular degeneration.

Gunnar Patented Technology can help.

Whether you spend the day in front of a monitor working or gaming, there are products available to help reduce the risk of computer vision issues. Looking Glass Optical is now recommending the patented lens technology by GUNNAR.

GUNNAR is the only patented computer eyewear endorsed by doctors that have been shown to protect and enhance your vision. These glasses help the wearer focus better, eliminates visual distraction, prevents dry eye, and eases eyestrain, by filtering the blue light through the lenses.

GUNNAR is a pioneer in the industry and has created an anti-reflective coating that will enhance your vision to aid in natural focusing. The effect is a sharper, clearer vision for improved clarity and performance. The glasses are available in both prescription and non-prescription.

How does the patented GUNNAR Technology work?

  • Consider that your natural blink rate is decreased by around 60 percent when using a computer. Therefore, protective tear film layers are replenished less frequently.
  • The frames are designed to wrap around the face, limiting air currents, increasing humidity and forming a more protective barrier to the eye.
  • The lens design also allows light to be pre-focused allowing the eyes ciliary muscles a break, and details to appear sharper.
  • The tinted lenses filter blue light and block UV rays to enhance vision contrast and replicate natural light to minimize visual stress.

The result?

The enhancement of the natural physiology of the naked eye thus increasing contrast perception and improved visual efficiency.

If you are experiencing digital eye strain, there is a solution. Whether or not you need a prescription, the Gunnar patented technology can help. Contact Looking Glass today to schedule a consultation.