The Importance of PPE Eyewear During COVID-19

The COVID-19 global outbreak has resulted in high demand for Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE, across multiple industries. To further contain the spread of the virus, health care professionals and essential businesses are increasing their usage of PPE in the workplace. However, with the increased demand there is a shortage of accessible equipment. Continue to learn more about Personal Protective Equipment, as well as how you can get PPE eyewear from us.

What is PPE? How Does it Work?

PPE eyewear feature

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is special equipment that creates a barrier to protect and reduce exposure to hazards. During the pandemic, PPE helps to protect the population against the airborne transmission of germs and infectious material through close contact and droplet routes.

While PPE is widely used in health care facilities and hospitals, many industries utilize protective equipment in the workplace. For example, manufacturing, food and beverage, construction, oil and gas, firefighting, and transportation industries.

Common Types of PPE

  • Masks – This includes surgical masks, respiratory masks, half-mask respirators, full-mask respirators, and more. Surgical masks cover your mouth and nose to protect others from you. Respiratory masks, such as N95s, form a tighter seal around your nose and mouth to prevent airborne transmission for both individuals.
  • Protective Clothing – Such as gowns, aprons, gloves, head covering, and shoe covers. Body protection protects skin and clothing while working with potentially infectious and contaminated materials.
  • Eye Protection – Includes face shields, goggles, and glasses. These protect the mucous membranes in your eyes from exposure/contact with harmful bodily fluids.

The Importance of PPE Eyewear

Infectious diseases can be transmitted through various mechanisms, such as the eyes, nose, and mouth. The eyes, in particular, are a prime gateway for infection to enter the body, as transmission commonly occurs through the mucous membranes of the eye (i.e. conjunctiva). In fact, The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends eye protection for a “variety of potential exposure settings where workers may be at risk of acquiring infectious diseases via ocular exposure.”

PPE eyewear, such as goggles and glasses, protect the eyes from infectious droplets and, in some cases, from contact with infectious agents. Goggles fit securely around the eyes, while safety glasses only protect the front and sides of the eyes.

Rec Specs is Leading the Charge

At Looking Glass Optical, a portion of our frame manufacturers have been approved for PPE use for healthcare workers. Rec Specs is a reusable and high-performance solution for the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that is in short supply across the country. If you are a healthcare worker, join the COVID-19 PPE Eyewear Mission. Rec Specs offers healthcare professionals frames and goggles that provide the following benefits:

  • Protection, stability, all-day comfort, and reduced fogging for healthcare professionals.
  • These easy-fit glasses that are available in multiples of 10 frames for immediate shipment.

For questions or to learn more about PPE eyewear, contact Looking Glass Optical today. We are offering PPE eyewear for the cost of prescription and non-prescription eyewear.