Glasses, Contacts, and Travel: How to Prep for Vision Care on a Trip

There’s never a “good time” for an eye care emergency to arise. But when you’re booking travel, it can be especially nerve-wracking if you wear glasses or contacts. Whether you’re going away for a cruise or heading off for an important business trip, it is important to prepare your eye care. With that in mind, we’ve prepared a quick guide to prep and packing for vision care on a trip.

Pack an Extra Pair of Glasses

When you’re traveling with glasses, they can easily get damaged or lost. It is important to bring backup eyewear so you can see properly during your trip. You might also want to pop an extra lens cloth in your case and a small repair kit in case a screw comes loose from your glasses during travel.

Even if you normally wear contacts, it is a good idea to bring backup glasses — you never know when you might need them. Contacts can get unsanitary quickly while traveling, too. Make sure to bring your contacts case, contact solution, and a backup pair of contacts when you’re traveling.

Know the Eye Care Options in the Area

It is a good idea to get familiar with the ophthalmologists in the area you will be traveling to if you’re going to be out of the country. You do not have to wait until you return home to get emergency eye care. Your trip will be worry-free if you have an emergency plan in place!

If you notice concerning visual symptoms, you should not wait to return home to get eye care. In some cases, eye problems can worsen quickly and cause irreversible damage. If you notice problems with your visions that are new or concerning, seek emergency eye care immediately if possible. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Bring Necessary Items to Protect

Traveling can dry out your eyes. Airplanes are especially known for causing dry eyes, but staring at the road for a long car trip can cause your eyes to become dry, too. Regardless of your method of travel, it is a good idea to bring eye drops in a case that you can easily access. They can moisturize your eyes and make the trip more comfortable.

Also, pack some sunglasses. Especially if you are going somewhere sunny. Some prescription eyeglasses even have transition lenses that protect your eyes automatically, which can save you from having to pack an extra pair of sunglasses.

Sanitize Your Contacts Properly

Some travelers mistakenly believe that they can substitute water for contact solution. Don’t do this! Using water in place of contact solution can cause an array of eye problems. Water is not sanitary like contact solution, and it can harbor harmful bacteria. Depending on the country you are traveling to, some water can be very dangerous to consume, let alone soak your contacts in!

When you’ll be traveling with contacts, bring a backup bottle of contact solution to avoid running out. Even if a bottle spills or gets lost, you’ll still be covered. Don’t risk serious infections — especially when you’re away from home!

Schedule an Appointment Before You Go!

The best thing you can do is preventative. Make sure you schedule an eye exam before you go. That way you can get updated prescription lenses and contacts before you go. At Looking Glass Optical, we perform regular eye exams to ensure your eyes are in good health. We offer comprehensive eye exams, pediatric eye care, and more. Book an appointment with us before your trip so you can have peace of mind while you are away!