Advanced Contact Lenses, SynergEyes

Advanced Contact Lenses

Don’t think you can wear contact lenses? Check out advanced contact lenses. They could be your answer.

Contact lenses have been around since the 1800s, believe it or not. Astronomer, Sir John Herschel, proposed the first contact lenses. F.A. Muller, a German glassblower, and Adolf E. Fick, a Swiss physician, brought glass contacts to life in the late 1880s. Early glass contacts were heavy and would cover the entire front portion of the eye.

William Feinbloom, an optometrist of New York, introduced scleral lenses in 1936. Scleral lenses were created from glass and plastic, providing a lighter option. By the late 1940s, Kevin Tuohy, an optician of California, would introduce contact lenses that resembled what we use today.

By 1959, chemists Drahoslav Lim and Otto Wichterle would create the first soft contact lens created from hydrogel. This would then lead to Bausch + Lomb building their brand of contact lenses in 1971. Over the years, technology has led to advancements in the contact lens industry. Today, contact users have the option of a variety of advanced contact lenses, from daily use to monthly, colored lenses and more.

Ever Been Told You Can’t Wear Contacts?

Even though soft contacts were nearly 50 years ago, a lot more advancements have been made. As technology and contact lenses have advanced, contact lens wearers have access to even more great options. SynergEyes is a company that focuses on high-performance contact lenses that use advanced technology. The OD-led lens company produces lenses that will transform the way you see. Patients with irregular cornea conditions, as well as presbyopia and astigmatism, can effectively use these lenses to transform their vision.

SynergEyes focuses on hybrid contact lens technology, using high-Dk materials, creating a vision-optimized design. High-Dk refers to the amount of oxygen that can pass through a contact lens in air. The goal is to provide contact lens solutions for patients who have a wide range of eyesight conditions.

At Looking Glass Optical, we provide SynergEyes for our patients. So, those who have difficulty wearing contact lenses may benefit from the hybrid lenses, which combines a hard lens center and a soft skirt. The hybrid lenses allow oxygen to reach the cornea, and they are also the most natural to the eyes. Not to mention, they offer crystal clear vision, all-day comfort, sun-protection, and they are easy to handle.

The Future is Bright

Contact lenses are an excellent alternative for individuals who wish to avoid wearing glasses. Not to mention, with advances in eyesight technology, contact lenses have come a long way and can provide the ultimate visual experience. Because contact lenses have advanced and will continue to improve, patients have a variety of options to choose well beyond the scope of glasses.

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