Reduce Eye Strain With Lenses for the Computer

With the influx of technology used today, it seems we are always on the computer. From work to home, computer use is more prevalent than ever before. With a number of computer users today, many adults are experiencing eye issues, from eye strain to headaches. Using a keyboard and monitor on a regular basis, and even Smartphones can cause undue stress on the eyes. Varying distances of vision can also lead to issues with your eyes, as well as head and neck strain due to positioning for work. Thankfully, there is a solution to this problem. For those who sit in front of a screen most of the day, lenses for the computer provide optimal vision for all required distances.

OptimizationLenses for the computer eyes

Lenses for the computer offer optimization features to work specifically for your close-up computer work. These lenses can provide a broad visual field for both intermediate and near zones. Additionally, the lenses function well when viewing the distance between yourself and the computer screen, from you to a co-worker, or reading documents. Such lenses can be used for all work needs, allowing you to remain productive throughout the day.

Avoiding Reading or Progressive Lenses

Eyeglasses that provide progressive or standard reading lenses are not the best choices for working with a computer. These lenses are not optimized for work in the office. With reading glasses, the user will have only short distance vision options. This is too short of a distance to view the computer screen or to simply look at the desk. With progressive lenses, the individual looks at the monitor via a lower area of the lens and the head tilts upwards to see the screen properly.

Each of these lens types will create unnatural posture when you sit. Which, in turn, can lead to muscle tension in the neck, shoulders, and back. Headaches can also occur, leading to unproductive work days.

ZEISS Officelens

ZEISS Officelens provide quality lenses for the computer. Featuring Digital Inside Technology, the glasses are optimized in the near zone which enables fast and comfortable focusing while using the computer. You can easily switch your gaze from the computer screen to a mobile device, and back again without issue. The lenses offer clear vision with computer usage and work well when reading a book or magazine. With these lenses, you will not have uncomfortable posture because your head and body are sitting in a comfortable position. Your eyes will get a break, and you will have less digital eye strain overall. 

Another feature these lenses offer is a blue light filter. Whether you are using a smartphone, tablet or e-reader, blue light emits from this technology. To avoid the stress or unpleasantness that this light can emit, these lenses will filter the light for comfortable vision.

Consider your eyewear when using a computer to ensure that you are avoiding eye strain as well as remaining comfortable throughout the workday. Also, be sure to make an appointment to find your perfect lenses for the office and home. If you would like to learn more about digital eye strain as it relates to children, click here.