7 Tips for Keeping Your Eyes Safe This Summer

During the summer, many of us find ourselves spending more time outside. People tend to be more active, soaking up the warmth and sun as they find ways to spend quality time with friends and family. However, protecting your eyes is important no matter the season. Here are seven tips for keeping your eyes safe this summer.

1. Wearing Sunglasses (Even When Cloudy)

Wearing a pair of stylish sunglasses is a great way to accessorize a summer outfit, but the right kind can also do wonders for your eye health. Just like wearing sunscreen with an adequate SPF protects your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays, wearing sunglasses with 100% UVA and UVB protection protects your eyes from becoming damaged, overstrained, and even sunburnt. If you want to ditch your contact lenses, consider investing in a pair of prescription sunglasses or transition lenses. Keep in mind, that most non-prescription sunglasses do not have adequate UV protection.

2. Have Goggles When You Swim

Nice weather means finally enjoying going swimming at the beach or your neighborhood pool. While dunking your head underwater can feel instantly refreshing, the water may contain salt, chlorine, or other substances that can cause discomfort to your eyes. Generally, you should not wear contacts while swimming. If water gets in your eyes the contact can become stuck to your eye. If you choose to keep your contacts in when swimming, wearing waterproof goggles will help protect your eyes and help you see clearly underwater.

3. Throw on a Hat and Find Some Shade

While a little bit of vitamin D is great for your health, it is important to prevent sunburn by spending time in the shade. If you need to be out in direct sunlight, we recommend wearing a hat. The right kind of hat can protect your scalp, neck, face, and eyes, preventing you from developing a painful sunburn.

4. Wear Eye Protection For Summer Sports

If you find yourself taking on new hobbies or finally getting around to long-overdue projects around the house, wear proper eye protection. Whether mowing the lawn, playing racquetball, or building a birdhouse, protective goggles will keep debris from your eyes. Eye injuries can commonly lead to blindness, so don’t risk it.

5. Wash Your Hands & Don’t Rub Your Eyes

Keeping your hands clean and away from your eyes is always a good rule, and summer is no exception. Sand, sunscreen, and sweat are all things that can hurt or get into your eyes. You might be tempted to touch or rub your eyes but don’t. It would just cause more issues. If you get something in your eye, use clean water or eye drops to flush it out.

6. Stay Hydrated for Your Eyes

Sweating in the summer heat makes staying hydrated all the more important. So, make sure you are drinking plenty of water to keep you and your eyes hydrated. If you feel irritated by dry eyes or suffer from seasonal allergies, eye drops can help relieve your symptoms. Too much airflow can also dry out your eyes, so try not to let your A/C or fans blow directly onto your face.

7. Don’t Forget to Schedule Your Annual Eye Exam

Scheduling annual eye exams can help you track any changes in your vision. They can also help catch more serious vision problems earlier. Our team at Looking Glass Optical in Pasadena, MD, is dedicated to keeping your eyes safe and healthy year-round. If you haven’t already scheduled your annual eye exam this year, give us a call to schedule your appointment today.