Prescription Sports Protective Eyewear

If you or your child plays sports, you probably are outfitted with all the protective body gear you need. But have you given thought to protective sports eyewear? Any sport in which balls, racquets or flying objects are used, poses a potential for eye injury. These types of games may involve objects moving at speeds exceeding 60 miles per hour. For example, during a racquetball game, the ball can reach up to 200 mph! Prescription sports protective eyewear is of particular importance if you need prescription glasses or contacts.

Looking Glass Optical Sports Glasses

Therefore, if you are in the market to get prescription sports protective eyewear, here are some things you should make sure or know before you buy:

  • Safety First: If the eye wear has lenses it is make sure they are secure, or pop OUT, not inward. Polycarbonate eye lenses are the strongest and most impact proof.
  • Special Rating: It is important that any sports protective eyewear be labeled as ASTM-F803 approved. It is performance tested to give you the highest level of protection.
  • Prevent Fogging: Sometimes lenses will fog up during activity. You can opt for anti-fog coating. Some goggles feature side vents for additional ventilation.
  • Extra Padding: Consider trying to find eyewear that is padded or cushioned along the brow and bridge of the nose. It will prevent the goggles from cutting or bruising your skin.
  • Proper Fitting: If you are purchasing prescription protective sports eyewear your eye doctor will adjust them for perfect fit. Making sure they fit perfectly will further ensure reduced injuries, slippage if you are sweating, and create a comfortable fit.
  • Our Recommendations: Let the doctor know which athletic activities you participate. During the eye exam, he will recommend the best prescription sport-safe eyeglasses or goggles.
  • It is Worth It: While the eyewear may feel awkward at first, it will become second nature anytime you play. Even non-contact sports can present inherent dangers to the eyes. For maximum protection, remember to wear your protective eyewear every time!

If you wear prescription glasses or contacts and need to be fitted for appropriate prescription sports protective eyewear, contact Looking Glass Optical. We have many options for both adults and children. We will work with you to ensure you get the proper fit and functionality for your sport.