Remedies for Allergy Eyes Looking GlassRemedies for Allergy Eyes

Every year as the seasons change, when Spring arrives and plants and trees begin to awaken from their winter slumber. With this comes high levels of pollen, mold, dust or other irritants. The same hold true as the leaves fall in Autumn. It is allergy season. The American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology estimates that 50 million people in the United States have seasonal allergies and that those numbers are growing. These numbers affect up to 30% of adults and up to 40% of children.

Common Symptoms

While the most common allergy symptoms are sneezing, congestion and a runny nose, many of these allergy sufferers also experience itchy eyes, watery eyes, red eyes and swollen eyelids. The itchy watery eyes can a maddening side effect. Some allergy eye remedies may offer you relief.

Common Causes

  • The most common airborne allergens that cause eye allergies are pollen, mold, dust and pet dander.
  • There are eye allergies that are caused by reactions to cosmetics or eye drops, including artificial tears because they may contain preservatives.
  • Food allergies and allergic reactions to bee stings or other insect bites may be the cause, but are not as typical as airborne allergens.

Allergy Eye Remedies

  • Keep the windows closed in your car and home especially in the morning when pollination occurs.
  • Wear sunglasses while outdoors as this may help keep pollen out of your eyes.
  • Use a cool compress over your eyes to ease swelling.
  • Ask you optometrist for lubricating eye drops that will flush out irritants, and treat the itch.
  • Over-the-counter eye drops, antihistamines and other oral medications may ease the discomfort of mild allergies.
  • Remove your contacts and wear your glasses.

Note: If you do plan on wearing your contact lenses, you should wait about 15 minutes after using medicated eye drops before putting in your contacts.

Red, itchy, burning, and puffy eyes can also be caused by infections and other conditions that can threaten eyesight. If your symptoms do not get better with these remedies or persist for unusually long periods of time, we suggest you make an appointment with your eye doctor or physician. If you have any questions about causes or remedies for allergy eyes contact the professionals at today.