Ride. Record. Share.

The selfie revolution has hit a new level, and Zeal’s HD2 Goggles are a most seamless way to capture and share your adventures. Unlike other adventure recording cameras, these goggles are simple to set up and use, they are a less obtrusive, plus allow for live stream sharing.

ZEAL Optics, a Boulder Colorado based company, has built the highest quality of adventure eyewear for the active person. Whether you are an extreme snowboarder or prefer to hit the hills in the summer on your mountain bike, you can record everything using a product you already need: your safety goggles.

Rave Reviews

The Zeal HD2 goggles are receiving rave reviews from mountaineers and adventurers around the globe. The goggles allow you to change out the lens to match the current conditions. Zeal’s anti-fog materials are built into the lens, not sprayed on. These goggles are seriously not like anything else on the market!

They have been designed with an integrated viewfinder, lighter frame, and enhanced lens technology; Zeal puts you in control. The goggles allow you to wirelessly connect and transfer videos and photos directly to your phone. You have easy access to everything you shoot. Just tap the app, choose the shot, share your moments. It’s that easy.

Record your experience in real point of view as you ski, snowboard, snowmobile, skydive or explore anywhere else on Earth.

Zeal HD2 Goggles’ Amazing Features

Zeal’s HD2 Goggles

  • PhotoChromatic Lens Option
  • Polarized Lens Option
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Everclear Anit-Fog
  • PermaSheild Hardcoat
  • Dual Lens Construction
  • Dual Strap Construction
  • No Slip Grip
  • Helmet Compatible
  • Impact Resistant Frame
  • High-Intensity Lens Technology
  • Molecular Mirror Option
  • Triple Layer Face Foam

Zeal HD2 Goggles off the ultimate combination of comfort, safety, and technology. The company is bound to a simple set of beliefs guiding their philosophy: Use Less, Give Back, Explore More.

Looking Glass Optical now carries Zeal HD2 Googles. Call us today to learn more.