Control and Prevention of Nearsightedness (Myopia)

Myopia, or nearsightedness, is a common eye issue that cannot be cured. And, unfortunately, more than 41% of people in the United States suffer from myopia. Nearsightedness is the condition when a person cannot see distant objects clearly without glasses. However, there are certain ways to prevent the condition from getting worse or from ever occurring in the first place.

Understanding How Nearsightedness (Myopia) Occurs

Nearsightedness test
Myopia occurs because the eyes get stuck focusing on objects in close-range for too long and neglect concentrating on distant objects. This results in the eyes becoming extended, which is irreversible. In the most severe cases, myopia can cause permanent blindness.

When children spend too much time on computers, watching television, and reading books, they are at risk of becoming nearsighted. It can also become a problem for older, working individuals who spend too long on a computer or use a microscope. Interestingly, distance glasses have the ability to increase the risk of eye issues and worsen myopia, especially in young children. In fact, this issue is increasing in most places, especially those countries that have advancements in technology.

Prevention Methods

The most efficient way to control and prevent nearsightedness is during the childhood years. And, your best bet is to try to catch it early. Once you notice that your child is having difficulty seeing the blackboard at school or the television, see your ophthalmologist for an eye exam. In addition, using prescribed reading glasses for prolonged screen time may reduce or prevent myopia. This will, in turn, cause the eye muscles to relax and avoid locking up.

While engaging in close up work, remember to hold the object as far away as possible and look into the distance frequently to ease stress on the eyes. Of course, reducing the amount of screen time altogether may significantly reduce your chances of developing vision problems.

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