Time for New Glasses? Five Urgent Signs of Vision Issues

The eyes are often referred to as the windows to the soul. Even with this high status, you might take your eyes for granted. You rely on them every day to give you the information you need. Modern life, with its countless hours of screen time, can have detrimental effects on your vision. That is why it is so important to give your eyes the attention they need with regular vision check-ups. If you have a family history of vision problems, routine appointments are even more vital. In between visits to the eye doctor, you can monitor your eyes for any signs of vision issues.

5 Frequent Signs of Vision Issues

Changes in your vision can either come on gradually or seem to appear overnight. If you experience any of these common vision problems or other problems with your eyes, you should schedule an appointment with your eye doctor as soon as you can.

1. Blurry Vision Distracts from Life

You wake up, pick up your phone to check the morning news, and notice you are having a hard time reading – everything looks blurry. While this could simply be your tired eyes adjusting to the day, it could also be a sign you need glasses.

When objects close to you appear blurry and objects in the distance are clear, this means you are farsighted. The medical term for farsightedness is hyperopia.

On the other hand, people diagnosed with myopia, or nearsightedness, have trouble seeing objects far away. Both near- and farsightedness can be corrected with glasses or contacts.

2. Squinting your Eyes – Beat the Habit with Glasses

You may not even realize you are doing it, but many people develop a habit of squinting their eyes to see clearer. When your eyes are having trouble seeing, it can be a subconscious reaction to squint.

Squinting can improve your vision by slightly changing the shape of your eyes and adjusting the focus of the light. However, it is not a long-term solution. If you realize you have developed this habit, your vision is suffering, and it is time for new glasses.

3. Dry Eyes Lead to Eye Strain

Having dry eyes is a common condition for many Americans. In fact, the American Academy of Ophthalmology estimates that about 4.88 million Americans have dry eye syndrome. This condition affects nearly twice as many women as men.

If you find yourself suffering from dry eyes that do not resolve on their own, it could be due to eye strain. You may need an updated prescription for your glasses.

4. Frequent Headaches After Reading

Do you find yourself suffering from headaches after reading? If so, this may be a tell-tale sign you are having vision issues. When your eyes are having trouble focusing, your brain works harder to interpret the visual signals. This is what causes the headaches.

It is also important to note, frequent headaches can be a sign of vision problems in children. If they come home from school complaining of a headache, you should consider getting their eyes checked.

5. Night Blindness Makes Driving Difficult

If you are having trouble seeing at night, especially while driving, you could be suffering from night blindness. Medically, this is referred to as nyctalopia. Many times, getting a new or updated eyeglass prescription can help improve your vision at night.

Take Care of Your Vision by Monitoring Vision Problems

Paying attention to your eyes is an important part of maintaining your vision. You should be on the lookout for these and other warning signs. An annual visit to your eye care professional is a simple step you can take to improve your vision and eye health.

Schedule your next comprehensive eye exam at Looking Glass Optical. We will thoroughly test your eyes and address any vision problems you might have. You can also pick out a new pair of frames to update your style.