Why Scleral Lenses Are the Best Option for Managing Keretakones

Many people start wearing glasses or contacts at an early age. Scheduling regular eye exams will help you monitor your eyes and vision changes. If you have an underlying eye condition affecting your vision, an early diagnosis can help you find a treatment option before your vision worsens. For example, Keratoconus can affect people as early as ten years old. In the early stages of development, glasses and soft contact lenses can correct vision problems but may not be suitable as the condition progresses. Scleral lenses offer an advanced solution to help manage your keretakones.

What Are Keretakones?

A dome-shaped structure (the cornea) covers the surface of your eye. Typically, the cornea works to focus light into your eye, which allows you to see clearly. For people with Keratoconus, an eye condition affecting the shape of your eye, the cornea is irregular or cone-shaped, causing bulging or thinning. When your cornea takes on this abnormal shape, it affects your vision. Your vision may become blurry and warped, and you may experience distortions like halos and streaking lights. Symptoms of Keratoconus include:

  • Blurry, distorted vision
  • Sensitivity to glare and bright light
  • Sudden or frequent worsening of vision

Keratoconus not only affects your vision but can also make correcting it with conventional lenses more difficult. The uneven shape of your cornea can prevent contacts from fitting on your eye correctly, resulting in itchy, dry eyes, headaches, and general discomfort. This condition can become a huge detriment in your life. If you suffer from Keratoconus, scleral lenses can help.

What Are Scleral Lenses & Their Benefits?

Scleral contact lenses are specifically designed to sit on the white outer layer of the eye, also known as the sclera. These ultra-thin, rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses are different from smaller RGP and HGP (hard gas permeable) lenses because they extend beneath your upper and lower eyelids. In addition to correcting your Keratoconus, our customized scleral contact lenses offer a wide range of benefits.

They Never Come in Contact with Your Eye

Because scleral contact lenses sit above the cornea, they can correct Keratoconus without irritation. In addition, the raised lens creates a hydrating vault that keeps your eye from becoming dry or itchy. Scleral contact lenses also provide superior comfort and stability along with sharp vision correction, allowing you to wear your lenses for more extended periods while keeping your eyes hydrated and healthy.

They Can Be Custom Fitted

With the advancement of technology like the Eaglet Eye Profiler, fitting patients for paragon scleral lenses has never been easier. This equipment allows for more precise analysis of the affected areas and accurate measurements of the cornea and sclera. As a result, not only will your lenses fit better, but the entire streamlined fitting process will save you unnecessary and time-consuming eye exams.

There’s No Surgery Required

Scleral contact lenses are a non-surgical option. This is particularly good for patients who are not interested in or are not good candidates for laser treatments. For example, correcting Keratoconus through laser surgery carries the risk of scarring and damage to your vision. Instead, using lenses allows you to experience all of the benefits of increased clarity while avoiding invasive surgery on your eye.

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