Tips on Eye Health and Makeup

eye health and makeup tips

Wearing makeup is fun and who doesn’t enjoy sporting a great smoky eye from time to time? If you like to experiment with lots of different looks, tools, and products, chances are you have seen how makeup and the health of your eyes can go hand in hand. Eye health is important, as our eyes are typically very sensitive and can react in different ways to eye makeup. However, there are ways you can keep your eyes healthy while still looking your best. Take a look at these tips on how to apply eye makeup safely in order to protect the health of your eyes.

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Kids Digital Eye Strain with Screen Time

Kids digital eye strain Video Games

Children today seem to be spending more and more time with their eyes on a screen. From tablets to computers and phones, children have access to technology that adults would never have dreamed of years ago. Because children are using electronic devices on a regular basis, eye strain occurs as well as pain in the neck and back. Children become mesmerized by screens at an early age, and too much exposure can lead to several long-term health issues such as digital eye strain.

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Importance of Back to School Eye Exams

Pediatric Eye Care

Each year, children are encouraged and often required to receive a physical before returning for the new school year. While physicals are important and should occur annually, an examination that we often overlook is back to school eye exams. Your child’s eye health is vital, especially during school age when their eyes are still developing. Even if you haven’t noticed any concerns or your kids haven’t complained of difficulty seeing, you should still have an eye exam each year. That way you can get a comprehensive look at their overall eye health and vision. Let’s take a look at the importance of back to school eye exams for children.

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What is Pink Eye?

Pink Eye

Have you been dealing with itching, watery eyes and you’re wondering if it is allergies or something more serious? Eye issues are definitely no fun and it’s important you know the signs when it’s time to see a doctor and when it may be something less serious. Pink eye is a common eye infection seen across all ages, and understanding what it is and how to avoid it helps you from dealing with this on a regular basis. Below you’ll find out what pink eye is, the symptoms it presents, and how you can avoid this issue yourself.

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Eye Safety Around Fireworks

fireworks safety tips

Fireworks represent the celebration of joyous occasions in our lives, but if handled incorrectly they can be extremely hazardous. In fact, fireworks injure thousands of Americans every year. And, this is especially true for injuries involving your eye safety. According to the American Academy of Opthalmology, playing with fireworks can leave you with lifelong damage to your eyes, the most serious being permanent blindness. So, this summer season, learn how to ensure the safety of your eyes and others’ by following these safety tips.

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3 Types of Cataracts and their Symptoms


A cataract is a condition where the eye’s natural lens is clouded. There are three types of cataracts that can occur within the eyes; subcapsular, nuclear and cortical. It is important for individuals over the age of 40 to learn about these cataract types so they can realize if a problem with their vision exists. Understanding the types and knowing the signs and symptoms will help you to determine if you might have a cataract issue and seek help from a professional.

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What are Eye Floaters?

What are Eye Floaters? Picture of human eye.

Have you ever noticed spots in your vision or something seemingly covering your eye while you try to look at an object? Most likely you have experienced eye floaters and not even known it. Eye floaters give the perception that something is floating in your line of vision. While this may seem like an optical illusion, you actually have something going on inside your eyes. It’s important to understand what eye floaters are, how they occur, and how to treat them.

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Are Blue Eyes More Sensitive to the Sun?

Are Blue Eyes More Sensitive to the Sun

Do you have blue eyes? Do you find that you squint or tear up in the bright sun? Are blues eyes more sensitive to the sun? The short answer to the question is yes. Light colored eyes, including blue, green, and gray are more reactive to the sun or bright light. Professionals refer to this as photophobia.

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